Top Chef, Michael Voltaggio

Matthias Clamer/Bravo; Justin Stephens/Bravo

Looks like Michael Voltaggio found something that sucks even more than winning: not being asked back to compete!

Last night, Top Chef All-Stars premiered, and one former winner was noticeably absent from the fray. Well, noticeably to him, anyway.

Which, along with some seemingly harmless questions from his followers, is all it seemed to take to set Voltaggio off on a Twitter rant in which he attempted to explain why calling this year's competitors a bunch of nonwinners is totally and completely different from calling them losers. See the distinction?

Prepare your chasers. This may leave a bitter aftertaste…

"FYI #topchef all-stars is for people that didn't win," he tweeted. "It's more like all-runner ups than all stars."

And then, because he probably knew what was coming, he added, "Great group of talent for sure though."

Mmm hmm. His attempt at smoothing over his diss didn't go down so well with fans, and he was forced to further dig himself into a hole defend himself.

"It's not arrogance, it's simply in response to the inquiries as to why I'm not competing," he explained. "I think the cast is great.

"People are misunderstanding, I have mad respect for the talent on all-stars! Further, I respect the fact that you all have the balls to put yourself out there again."

He then continued his journey on the peace train, doing his best to convince Top Chef die-hards that no slight was intended for those talented nonwinning runners-up.

"Stop reading between the lines, I'm a fan of the #topchef all-stars, I respect the talent, just answering as to why I'm not cooking, u asked," he wrote.

But lest you think the chef doth protest too much, he did eventually move on to other topics.

"Ok back to work, thanks for the break, was fun! Always rely on twitter for a good fill of drama to get through the day!"

No doubt Bravo is sending those thanks right back. Sounds like we just got the first topic of conversation for this year's reunion show!

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