Sarah Palin

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

"Celebrities like to say they'll move to France if a conservative is elected, but with her lack of global policy experience, you'd have to move to Mars to get far enough away to be safe from the havoc she and whoever she appointed as Secretary of State would wreak."

—A very well connected D.C. insider told us about the capital's future if indeed Sarah Palin was ever elected President.

Looks like we aren't the only ones feeling a little iffy about this missy big-hair trying to get her foot in that oval office!

Here's why:

"This whole Palin thing is ridiculous," the Beltway insider continued. "The fact that her handlers are now positioning her in the vein of Reagan's political trajectory is laughable."

Laughable? We think it's down right worthy of a few friggin' buckets of tears. But lucky for us, unlike the Palins, our team's always got a plan B:

"I hope people look at who she's working with now," cautions the Potomac powerhouse, "because a President is only as good as his or her staff and key players."

So it's a deal? If we can't overthrow Palin—especially since she's making semi-waves with that sorry excuse for a reality TV show—we'll wipe out all the Tea Party conspirators?

OK, maybe that's pushin' it, but at least we know we've got some major company aboard our spaceship come (let's hope never) Palin for President 2012.

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