Ricky Martin


Ricky Martin is hitting the party scene in Miami where Art Basel is currently taking place.

And after promotional interview after promotional interview for his new autobiography Me, partygoers were a little surprised at how close Ricky was getting with Spanish model Esther Canadas Tuesday night:

Ricky, looking delish all clad in a black suit, was at the MOCA reception with Esther, who was looking pretty stunning herself in all white.

Onlookers say the two were mucho grabby with one another as Ricky kept E. close to his hip the entire night.

This guy sure likes to send some weird-ass messages, huh? Elsewhere in Miami sending weird messages was...

Christian Slater getting his drag on.

Slater and a small group of pals hit up Aqua nightclub which is infamously known for their drag shows.

A bartender at the club says C.S. was "really nice, tipped well, and didn't mind having his picture taken there."

Love a guy that secure in his sexuality! Makes him a little bit hotter, dontchya think? Another babe equally satisfied was...

Jane Lynch looking fabulous at Crunch Gym in West Hollywood and fighting off many female admirers.

A gym-goer tells us Jane, channeling Sue Sylvester in sweats and a sweat jacket, was working out while "chicks were fawning over her like crazy."

When approached by a few gals, Lynch was, we're told, "very polite" but not encouraging the attention, as a good married woman should not do!

Leave it to the gays to have one of the only functional celeb relationships in Hollywood. Someone explain to me again why Prop 8 makes any sense?

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