Ronnie Chasen

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Just like in the movies that Ronni Chasen lived to promote, the plot is thickening.

With police having already determined that someone shot the veteran publicist before her car crashed into a pole on a quiet Beverly Hills street, investigators have since discovered at least one hollow-point bullet in Chasen's body.

The 9 mm hollow-point, which is made to expand once it hits its mark, was found in her back. She was shot three times in the chest, according to a leaked coroner's report obtained by KTTV.

The official autopsy report isn't expected to be released until later this week.

Hollow-point bullets, while commonly used in police work to reduce the risk of bystanders being hit by gunfire, also cause more immediate damage to surrounding tissue once they enter the body then solid bullets.

In the early hours of Nov. 16, the 64-year-old Chasen pulled up to a Sunset Boulevard stoplight and an unknown assailant shot her through the passenger-side window of her Mercedes-Benz, after which she crashed her car into a post at the corner of Whittier Drive.

She had just attended the premiere party for Burlesque.

Hundreds of people gathered for Chasen's funeral Sunday morning at Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery.

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