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Dear Ted:
So Bradley Cooper and his peeps gave you the hairy eyeball, huh? Does his Vice have to do with casual encounters or partying? Hi Bradley if you're reading!

Dear BV Vengeance:
Oh, he's reading. And let's just say Brad isn't exactly a Team Truth fan. But we still totally heart him—Vice included! Which just happens to be as delish as he is, though hate to say it doesn't so much have to do with any partying ways. Renee so wouldn't allow that.

Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade a man or a damn woman? Tell us Ted, this is really ridiculous! I can just see you sitting there, grinning, as we all try to guess the identity of someone who is quite possibly a hermaphrodite! Unless that is the secret, you have some explaining to do because at this point you are losing the trust and respect of some very loyal readers! Enough is enough!

Dear Party Pooper:
Way to be a total BV buzz kill, P. Since Terr is such a naughty Vice, I figured I'd make it extra challenging for you. And I'm sticking to that, no matter how much you bitch about it. I'll tell you this, though: T3 is definitely completely male...or female. Happy now? Of course you're not!

Dear Ted:
I am always surprised how wannabes as well as already successful women latch on to Paris Hilton, expecting friendship and support, mistaking partying and a good time for it, but all ending up in rehab: Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan to name a few, and now, Brooke Mueller. What is the deal with P.H.? Tell us Ted, you have lived through the mania that was Par, what is her secret, her charm, or her hold on people? Inquiring minds need to know the Awful Truth about this oddity.

Dear Heiress Shmeiress:
Because—even if it seems like P.'s paparazzi appeal has taken a hit recently (which it has)—she still makes headlines for doing, well, nothing. Which is exactly what these ladies are looking for when they hook up with her: attention. And boat loads of it. And that guaranteed delivery is her secret—in its entirety.

Dear Ted:
I always thought Tony Romo would marry Jessica Simpson. He's the all-American guy and she's the all-American girl and they're both successful and famous. So I don't know how she ended up with a guy who currently has no job, no prospects, and who apparently dropped out of school to travel around the world with her. Is this the best she can really do? Why?

Dear Hitch-On Hubby:
But then he's got nothing but time to do all the mushy, lovey dovey crap Jess loves. Sounds like the perfect guy, huh? Yeah, sounds pretty miserable to me too. But he's über-perfect for Jessica, trust.

Dear Ted:
I'm a long time reader of AT, can you tell me anything about my idol, Madonna? What's going on with her besides the gym franchise she's opening? Seems like she's been flying under the radar lately.

Dear Diva Down:
Flying under the radar or falling off the radar? Don't worry yet that Madonna's diva days are over, but she's definitely getting overshadowed by her pop starlette minions lately. And what the hell is she thinking opening a gym? So not material-girl chic!

Dear Ted:
In a recent B.B., you insinuated an eating disorder wasn't the kind of B.V. that would haunt Taylor Swift. That makes me think her B.V. has something to do with drinking or drugs. Since I had a normal upbringing and I turned out fine after experimenting with drinking at 16 and on, I'm not too worried about a B.V. like that (plus she'll be 21 in a matter of days). I am, however, worried that her B.V. may have something to do with drugs and that just breaks my heart. I'm about 5 years older than she is, but I can't help being a huge fan of hers and wish her nothing but health, happiness, and success! I totally feel like the big sister being protective of the younger sibling who's still feeling their way through life. Please give me a hint as to her B.V., please!

Dear Swift Denial:
Your concern is mucho adorable, Heather, so I'm happy to tell you that Tay isn't dabbling in the drug scene (and if her slightly condescending happy bday tweet to Miley is any indication, she's supposedly waiting until the big 2-1 to throw back some tequila shots). Her Vice will haunt her headlines more than her health.

Dear Ted:
Re: Chord Overstreet loving fame...duh! His name is Chord Overstreet, either he was born to be famous or changed it to sound good when he's famous. Which?

Dear Name Game:
What's that old saying? "Would a Chord by any other name have such ripped abs?" Totally heart this cutie and his name is the real deal—at least according to him. Good thing he ended up on TV or we'd hate to think what other industry his moniker would work well in.

Dear Ted:
Lea Michele
is looking way healthier now than she was for a couple months. Did she lose the weight on purpose or did she really just lose it because of how much she is working? Either way I'm glad she is looking healthier!

Dear Weighty Issues:
A little bit of both. But I agree, she's definitely looking more confident lately. And she's making less headlines for her 'tude, too. Guess someone got through to the diva darling. Weird too, because she's getting less and less screen time on the boob tube, it seems.

Dear Ted:
Is it true that Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel got very close doing Life as We Know It, and Fergie is suspicious of their relationship?

Dear Kissing Costars:
While Ferg's got the right to get a bit weary over any chick Josh is cozying up to (on screen or off), Kath so isn't that type of gal. Sure, she's got her nasty habits, but cheating isn't one of 'em.

Dear Ted:
Just curious, does good brother vampire Paul Wesley have a B.V.? Love The Vampire Diaries so much, I just have to know. Team Stefan all the way!

Dear (Vampire) Diary:
He might be a goody two shoes on the shoe, but Paul definitely isn't in real life—which is my way of saying yes, he's earned himself a Vice honor. The real crime though is that nobody talks about his drool worthy six-pack like they do for fellow vamp-franchiser Joe Manganiello. I think we're in need of an ab-off soon, dontcha think Caroline?

Dear Ted:
Is it harder for film actors like Toothy Tile to come out than it is for actors primarily known for television and/or theater? I can't think of any "out" gay actors known mostly for their film work (just those rumored to be gay), but I can think of quite a few for the small screen and the stage (Neil Patrick Harris, Sean Hayes, Ellen/Portia, Cynthia Nixon, etc.). If I'm right about that, why do you think that is?

Dear Duh:
And double duh. I've been saying that all along. And not only are the folks you named on the small screen, but they're also comedians—not exactly heartthrobs. Which is why they can still find work.

Dear Ted:
Would I be completely off my rocker if I guessed that Lucretia Johnson is that angel Raven Simone?

Dear That's So Lucretia:
Not off your rocker, but Rav isn't our bloated babe. Both Raven and Lucretia were more famous in the '90s and early 2K though.

Dear Ted:
I would much rather see Sarah Palin in the White House then the bonehead in there right now. Our nation has sunk to one of its lowest points in history, and Obama is leading the downward spiral with gusto! Almost anyone would be better than what we have now. Please stop viewing the world through your "democratic" glasses, and take a good long look at what is actually happening.

Dear Double-Take:
And I, in turn, ask you to look at what Obama inherited from the prior bonehead. How is the economy—headed by any chief—supposed to bounce back after the billions spent (covertly and not) on greedy Wall Street and even greedier war mongers?

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