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Jaylor and Tily: The newest romances to hit Hollywood (BTW, totally open for other couple name suggestions).

Seeing as celeb dating in this raunchy town has a pretty terrible success rate, we gotta ask:

Who has a better shot at love, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift or her ex Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins?

Let's break it down:

Yesterday marks Taylor and Jake's second coffee date this week (we've lost track how many they've had since their courtship started). The pair was caught sippin' some brew at the Frothy Monkey in Nashville.

In Jaylor's defense they have tried going on under the radar dates, but folks in their coffee houses of choice have been snapping phone pics and blasting them on the web.

Still, the "cutest" these two have gotten was when Swift got on her tippy-toes in Big Sur to playfully measure herself up against Jake. We cringed a little just typing that.

Now let's get to Tily.

Lautner and Lily certainly have had more luck in the low-key romance department. They've been going on cutesy dinner dates at offbeat places (perhaps Robert Pattinson gave Tay some dating tips) and Collins' visit to Louisiana went undocumented.

Still, we'd like to see how these two interact. For all we know they could actually just be besties ('tho Lautner's acquaintances claim otherwise).

But, as the story goes, both of these duos are appearing to be very much on.

Do you approve?

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