Want to See Leslie Nielsen's Final Movie on the Big Screen? Got Any Cash?

Director of late actor's last film is seeking donations to bring animated comedy to the big screen

By Gina Serpe, Whitney English Nov 30, 2010 7:47 PMTags

Sad as it is, Leslie Nielsen's death might provide the opportunity to bring to life the actor's final role.

Director Bryan Waterman has been seeking backers since July as part of an ongoing effort to get The Waterman Movie, an animated film in which Nielsen voiced the main character, to the big screen.

In an attempt to further tempt fans to dip into their pockets to bring Nielsen's final film to life, he's posted the first two minutes of the film online.

At the time of the request's first posting over the summer, Waterman was looking to raise $35,000 in 60 days. As more than two months have passed, he presumably fell short of the target, but hopes Nielsen's fans will come to his aid to help the comic actor's swan song reach the audience it deserves.

"There is no greater word than 'impossible' to describe the anomaly I was fortunate enough to be a part of," Waterman told E! News. "If only for a little while, I was friends with a superhero.

"Leslie was one of the funniest, nicest, and encouraging people I have ever met and the time I was able to spend working with him on The Waterman Movie is something I will never forget for as long as I live. It changed my life."

As for his financial predicament, Waterman is not looking for a handout, simply a bit of a hand.

"The biggest roadblock in this film's continued production is funding," he explained. "We have tried everything from funding the project out of our own pockets, accepting personal donations, and even heading up a full-blown campaign to raise money, but unfortunately we are still struggling to reach our goal.

"I must stress that I have no hidden agenda to profit off of this tragedy, but to give Leslie the opportunity to make us laugh one last time."

Over to you, fans…