Brad Pitt's Leather Pants: Got a Problem With That?

Examine the man's nether regions for a lively debate

By Erik Pedersen Nov 30, 2010 3:30 AMTags
Angelina JoliePascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Let's take a moment to get inside Brad Pitt's pants, shall we?

For a man, leather pants are usually best reserved for those occasions when your metal band is finally getting its shot to open for Judas Priest.

So appropriate for Ozzfest, but are cow trousers the right choice for the premiere of Megamind? (The French premiere, that is!) As much as we like what he's got going on upstairs, the baggy, bunched up trousers just bring us down.

Of course, Pitt (as well as his ladyfriend Angelina Jolie) could wear oily rags and a pile of raked leaves and look great, so we freely admit that this could be a moot point.

We need to know what you think. Hit the comments for some sartorial sass talk.


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