Kim Kardashian, Gabriel Aubrey

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Dear Ted:
Are Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubrey real or for show? And how will Halle Berry react to Nahla being around Kim's reality show camera's all of the time. She's been known to get super mama bear with the paparazzi when she's got Nahla with her. I can't imagine she'd love that! Thanks doll!

Dear Hundredth Time the Charm?:
All sources say...real. But they are taking it slow. Spending Thanksgiving together (with no cameras rolling or tweet peaks) makes us think our gal Kim is learning less is more when it comes to her sharing her men with the world. As for Halle and her tot, think you're getting way ahead of yourself. Let's see if this relationship lasts through Christmas before we start planning her filming schedule. As of now, Kim hasn't met Gabriel's daughter.

Dear Ted:
I thought you said that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would be spending Thanksgiving together again this year? Then what is he doing out in Miami, Florida meeting film directors and watching girl bands perform in clubs? Shouldn't he be in Los Angeles with Kristen and her family if they're a couple? Sounds like you got some misinformation from one of our 'sources' on this one.

Dear Too Soon:
Someone is getting their panties in a twist. If you're talking about a certain Facebook status update of a mom claiming her daughter met R.Pattz, we're aware. The only thing you're missing is the woman who saw Rob was in L.A., not Miami. That's just where her family was from that posted the status update. With that attitude, guess I won't spill how R. and K. spent the holiday, then.

Dear Ted:
So what are your thoughts on The Vampire Diaries do you think they would of given Twilight a run for there money if they hit the big screen. I'm a total die hard Twilighter but TVD is so dark and Sexy and it just makes me wonder if the fan base for TVD would of been just as big as Twilight or not.

Dear Vamp for Vamp:
If TVD had come first, I'd say maybe. Twilight was less about the celebs in it and more about the vampire first. However, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the whole gang are responsible for keeping the momentum going. Not only are they totally fab, but their behind-the-scenes dalliances only add mystery to the sought after cast. Not sure if the Vampire Diaries crew could have done it. They have a few cast secrets, but nothing like the Twilighters.

Dear Ted:
So Lily Allen responded by Twitter to a false tab story and the author of the tab story threatened to sue Lilly. What are your thoughts on this, Ted, and if someone called you names for printing a "false" article, would you even respond (or care)?

Dear Freedom of Tweets:
All's fair in gossip and twitter, think Lily has every right to call out who she wants. As for calling me, you know, it comes with the territory. Of course I'd care, but not overly.

Dear Ted:
What in the world makes you think Cass Stimulatia would be a fit parent? You said in her Blind Vice that she's indecisive, has "less-than-popular sexual choices," and is blabbing about all this to her friends! From this, I conclude that she is a slut who keeps nothing secret- how could that make her a good potential parent? Help me see the light.

Dear Tough Crowd:
Well aren't we the perfect angel, H.? Who hasn't made some not so wise sexual choices? Cass may have been playing it loose and fast back in the day, but she's certainly not now. I know many parents who had their fair share of wild days and have turned out to be fab role models.

Dear Ted:
I want to thank you for saying what I have been thinking ever since Britney Spears had her breakdown. I have yet to see an interview with her where she has any spark, as you say she seems to be walking through life tranquilized up. My question is, why are no other media outlets calling anyone out on it?
Rachel in Connecticut

Dear Same Page:
It's sad, really, not so much entertainment. Brit is really flying under the radar, so she's not the media target as she used to be. I just hope her next album is killer, and most importantly we see that killer 'tude during her promotion for it.

Dear Ted:
Is Maribeth Bush January Jones?

Dear No, But...:
You're wrong on this one, but very very close, E.

Dear Ted:
Do celebs leave the planet for holidays? Robsten seems to have become invisible, which is very strange given their level of fame. Does money buy the silence of others (thus the lack of reported sightings), or do they just hunker down and never leave home? Still not smoking?

Dear Vacay:
Paparazzi have to eat turkey too, I guess? Plus, Thanksgiving is all about hiding out with your family. You're not going to see Robsten parading around Robertson a la Paris Hilton and her reality crew. They hang out in places where no uninvited eyes or prying pap lenses can find them.

Dear Ted:
Not that I believe everything I read when it comes to celebs stating they are so lucky to have hot bods with out working for it, but man I was elated to see BV Veronica Bee Stings! I am a naturally big-boobied girl and I just wanted to point out that its typical for girls who have bigger boobs to have a fuller figure...and a bit of a protruding stomach. So when I see a super flat stomach and a stacked set of shelf boobs on a chick I know its either starvation or a boob job...both are pretty lame! Here's to fuller bodies and embracing them (winks to Christina Hendricks!)

Dear Still Perky:
Glad you enjoyed it babe! Thought we could all use a little reassurance after eating the world this past weekend that most of Hollywood pays for those impeccable bods.

Dear Ted:
Do any of the Blind Vice Superstars know that know you know their dirty deeds ever approach you or confront you about how you know, or rather, who you know, in order to get your information? If so, I'm assuming they promptly throw a legal contract your way with the snap of their fingers...

Dear Hide Behind Their Vice:
Usually I don't hear a peep from the star's legal team. Better I vice it than out it, eh? But you should have seen the look Bradley Cooper gave me backstage at last year's Golden Globes. Who knew he read our blind items?

Dear Ted:
Although we all know it's all in the past, Robki questions keep popping up, which makes me wonder how serious it was. Nikki Reed was obviously more into Rob than he was into her...but how long did it last? Was it just during Twilight filming or did it last into promotion as well? I can't help but think we're all blowing it out of proportion, and it was really nothing. After all, why does Nikki deny it? You'd think given her attention seeking and name-dropping ways she'd talk it up as much as possible. So is she quiet because it was mostly just in her own head? Or is she embarrassed that Rob preferred Kristen?

Dear No Past for Twi-hards:
Look, it was two totally hot babes who decided to hookup! When you're young, that good lookin', and around each other a lot what else would you expect? It was a fling that didn't last long. Especially once Rob found out Kristen Stewart was interested. Now when R. and K. first started up is the timeline you all really should be interested in.

Dear Ted:
Does Strippa Rip-Ya also like the ladies, too? And has she bedded any famous females?

Dear Fantasy Land:
Nope, sorry babe. As if her husband would even let her do that.

Dear Ted:
Could Lucretia Johnson be Beyoncé? I don't know if her talent fits being "questionable" but she seems to have a high pressure lifestyle and I wouldn't be surprised if there were lots of things we don't know about her personal life.

Dear No Booze On Board:
No way is B.'s talent questionable. She's fabosh! So no, Beyoncé is not Lucretia.

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