David Arquette

Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com

We all know David Arquette is bonkers. But now the newly single star is bringing out the wild side of his celeb friends, too.

When his star pal, a New York native, hit L.A. over the holiday weekend and dialed her hard-partying friend, she ended up sitting on the flight home with two fresh tattoos—and Arquette footed the bill.

So who did the Scream star escort to the ink parlor? 

Robin Quivers





None other than Howard Stern radio sidekick Robin Quivers.

We all know David loves to reveal his most private thoughts to the shock duo, but we didn't know they were that close off the air

On the Stern show this morning, Robin said the decision to get some new ink was simple—since she was in L.A. hanging out with Arquette anyway, she "might as well" get some new tats.

"I didn't have to pay for it," she laughed. "I might as well [get them]. I have this scar from when I broke my wrist and I said, I can get a tattoo there so I don't have to look at this scar."

So what did Quivers get?

A Leo symbol on her pinkie finger and a lotus on her wrist.

"It's very subtle," Quivers said of the hand tat, explaining that she liked Stern's own pinkie tat, an Om symbol.

"David had told me to get in touch with him while I was out there, so I did," she continued. "He was on his way to get a tattoo and treated me to a couple."

No word yet on what Arquette's new ink is. We're almost afraid to ask

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