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The post-turkey malaise has worn off and thanks to Black Friday, your bank account is sufficiently drained. You know what that means: time for the endless string of year-end roundups!

First up, Barbara Walters' list of The 10 Most Fascinating People of the Year. And while there are some fairly safe obvious choices—Kate Middleton, Justin Bieber and Betty White—some names call for a bit more head-scratching. And that's not even including the two mystery people who are apparently so fascinating that to reveal their identities before the hourlong special airs next week seems unfathomable to Baba.

Though bear in mind this list was crafted by a woman who thinks that Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes for a good addition to a roundtable. So who made the cut?

Well, obviously, instant fashion icon and future Queen of England Kate Middleton (soon-to-be Windsor), thanks to this month's announcement that she and Prince William will tie the knot in Westminster Abbey on Apr. 29.

Boy wonder turned nail polish entrepreneur Justin Bieber also made the cut and will get some face time with the tear-inducer come the Dec. 9 special.

Queen of the late-career resurgence Betty White also made the cut, and good thing, unless Walters wanted the wrath of angry Facebookers on her case.

Sandra Bullock is also something of an obvious choice, or at least she would be if you cast your mind back to the media-encompassing kerfuffle that resulted last spring, when Bullock won the Oscar, ditched her husband and became a mother all in the course of a few months.

Somewhat surprising entries on the list include Jennifer Lopez, who wasn't exactly watercooler fodder this year, but who will presumably have a bit of a showbiz moment when she takes over as one of the new judges on American Idol in January.

And while the cast of The Jersey Shore is lacking in quite a lot of things, public interest isn't one of them, as The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D and the whole guidolicious gang will combine to account for one of the "people" who make Walters' cut.

Incidentally, the list, now in its 18th year, culls not just from the world of entertainment, but of politics and sports as well.

So come on down, LeBron James, 'cause that ridiculously over-the-top, spoof-worthy special in which you broke the heart of Cleveland made you fascinating enough to be included in this, your second ridiculously over-the-top, spoof-worthy special of the year.

Oh, and from the world of reality TV politics? Sarah Palin.

For those keeping track at home, fear not, your basic math skills have indeed held up over the years as only eight of the 10 people on the list have been revealed. But while the final two people to make the cut won't be announced until the show airs next week, the guessing can start now.

Oprah Winfrey, who made something of a splash herself this year, can likely be counted out, as Barbara will be airing an hourlong sitdown with her just prior to the Fascinating People special. So, hunch away: Demi Lovato? Michael Douglas? Bret Michaels? Lindsay Lohan? Kim Kardashian? Kanye West? Christina Aguilera? Elin Nordegren? Or, dare we say it, David Arquette?

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