Shocker! Willie Nelson Arrested for Pot Possession

Officials stopped Willie and his tour bus while traveling from California to Texas.

By Jenna Mullins Nov 27, 2010 12:21 AMTags
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Country music legend Willie Nelson was arrested Friday morning for the alleged possession of marijuana.

According to reports, Nelson's tour bus was stopped at 9 a.m. at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, where officials found 6 ounces of marijuana.

The singer, who had been traveling from California to Austin, was then taken to Hudspeth County Jail. Nelson was charged with a misdemeanor, and bond for $2,500 was posted.

The country star has never been shy about his frequent use of pot, and this is certainly not his first brush with the law for indulging in his favorite activity.

No word on whether Willie and his crew's Thanksgiving mellow was "totally harshed" or just "way harshed" by the arrest.