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The time to give thanks is now! Provided you're not an Australian icon who was just cleared of tax evasion. Otherwise, go ahead and save your gratitude for turkey day, as planned.

After a five-year investigation, erstwhile Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan is off the hook for bilking whoever the Aussie equivalent of Uncle Sam is, after the Australia Crime Commission concluded that it was neither in the public interest to continue their probe, nor was there strong enough evidence to secure a conviction.

Talk about your double whammys.

The ACC also dropped its investigation into Hogan's manager, John Cornell.

"The decision has been made following a careful process, including obtaining high-level legal advice on some issues," the commission said, adding that there were "insufficient prospects of securing convictions to justify continuing with its investigation at this time."

The actor, who currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son, was accused of using a complex system of offshore trusts to hide roughly $40 million from the Australian government. He has long denied the accusations.

Incidentally, all this good news will be just that—news—to Hogan, as the 71-year-old is currently overseas and was unable to be apprised of his name-clearing fortune, meaning he'll find out about it the same way you are: by reading it in a paper or online.

As for Cornell, he's doing enough celebrating for the both of them.

"That speck in the sky is my hat and I look forward to sampling some of Strop's patented hangover cure tomorrow morning," he said. Those Aussies sure do know how to party.

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