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Is everyone on the Glee set lapping up the limelight lately? First Lea Michele got a bit divatastic, then (debatably) Matthew Morrison and now hunky Chord Overstreet is showing that he loves his newfound fame too! Can this possibly be true?


The mop-top blondie was cruising around town in his black Audi convertible (top and windows up—it's been chilly in L.A. lately!) when he pulled up to a stoplight next to a car of cutie Gleeks. The gals in the car weren't positive if the stud wearing the "stupid" (their words, not mine!) fedora was the new QB, so they got their stare on.

And Chord loved it.

C natch caught the gals staring at him, all giggly and whatnot, so when they pulled up to the next light, Chord rolled his window down and was leaning out all dramatic and not-at-all subtle like.

"He did it so we could clearly see his face," our cruising chica tells. "So we yelled out, ‘Are you on Glee?' and he just smirked at us, did a little head not, went ‘Yeah,' and then sped off. He's loving the fame game."

Duh! Now we just have to wonder: How long until he nabs a Vice honor (seems like the next step, after all).

Also enjoying their flashy time out on the T-town was...

Gwen Stefani and her hubby, Gavin Rossdale, grabbing a family dinner at Cecconi's Italian Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Gwen looked fab in her signature bright red lipstick and a black jacket, and both parts of the celeb power couple had their hair pulled back.

The couple that ponytails together, stays together, right?

"I could only look at his smile, so I forgot the rest of his outfit," a fellow diner dished about Gav, though she did fess the kiddos were très adorable as well.

Zuma (that's the younger one, of course) was playing with his Rubick's cube between bites and threw it at another table. The other diner just smiled and gave it back, but Gwen didn't notice 'cause her nose was buried in her BlackBerry.

Gweny, didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to text during dinner...even if you are a rock star.

Getting his (less pricy) grub to go was...

Rufus Sewell who popped into Trader Joes to pick up some groceries.

That name not familiar? Does Jasper from The Holiday ring any bells? Check out his IMDb page—you've seen him before, trust.

The handsome fellow was rocking curly hair and loose jeans as he laughed and chatted with a chick at the check stand. Another shopper spilled he looked "hunky" and "beefy"—talk about getting all hot ‘n' bothered in the dairy aisle.

Whatever, Team Truth loves dishing on any delish fellow, no matter how famous (or not) he is.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and John Boone

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