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Trust, Fergie has never met a headline she didn't like—even if they're the trashy tabloid kind that aren't always so nice. Because attention is attention, right? And the Fergalicious femme will take it in spades!

And so we were shocked—but not too surprised—when Fergie-Ferg's bodyguard got handsy with a reporter at Sunday's American Music Awards. And all because he snapped a cell phone pic of the babe.

What gives?

"No personal pictures," the beefy bodyguard puffed, grabbing the young journo—who, mind you, was minding his own biz in the press room when Ferg and her Peas bandmates (plus posse, of course) rolled in. The overly pushy Fergie protectors actually dragged the reporter dude away—by force! Not by verbal request.

Hey, watch the hands, garçon!

It's not like F was trying to have a low-key night at the SoHo House but was getting her privacy invaded, à la Robsten. It's a friggin' awards ceremony, your royal highness!

And Fergie stood by and watched as her meathead minion manhandled the poor dude. Uh, hello, Ms. Duhamel, where's that signature posing and pouting when a fan wants a picture?

But we get it: The only pictures she likes to have taken are the kind that end up in magazines.

Sorry if we sound all hurt butt ‘n' all, we're just bummed Ferg seems to have gone full-on diva—and not in the delicious way.

Though, it was über-delish of her to make her henchman carry around her glitzy purse all night. He didn't flaunt it as fabulously as we know he wanted to, but oh well!

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