Everything's come full circle for Mandy Moore .

At an event in New York City for the release of her new Disney movie Tangled, Moore spilled about a certain mermaid who had a huge influence on her, and how she plans to, one day, watch Tangled with her own kids:

So who was it that got the musical ball rolling in Mandy's life?

"I grew up wanting to be [Little Mermaid's] Ariel! I think she was one of my biggest influences too, in terms of I really wanted to start singing because of her."

Mandy's also sure she'll be sharing her Disney adventure with future Tangled fans.

"I'm a married lady, and one day, I will definitely have a family. When you do a film like this, I think that thought crosses your mind—that one day you'll be able to show your kids that you were in an animated Disney film!"

Check out the video above to hear more about Mandy's family aspirations, and find out how her costar Zachary Levi feels about being a human jungle gym!

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