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Today is Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday, and to celebrate, we're showing you a Photoshopped illustration of what Miley will look like on her 19th!

Kidding! Post AMA mania, Ms. Miley headed to Trousdale in West Hollywood Sunday night, where she threw a star-studded pre-B-day bash (yes, she is finally legal) that's bound to be raging all month long, she tells Us Weekly.

After bearing her über-toned midriff in a bra-like top and matching black leather pants, the Hannah Montana star created some mad celeb blogging buzz, what with her steamy make-out sesh with not-so-mystery-man Avan Jogia.

Screw the totally Liam-sneering lip-locking. We were more intrigued by the older crowd the private party attracted:

Hollywood's fiercest cougar, Demi Moore, was obviously down to crash the teen party with daughter Rumor Willis, and she seemed more buddy-buddy with the young birthday kitten than Rumor herself!

But it appears the bash, minus Miley's seven minutes in heaven with Avan, was a mother-daughter affair, as Tish Cyrus partied into the night with her belly-bearing daughter sans her ex Bill Ray, who was a no-show.

Still, we couldn't help but notice that this newly legal vixen was channeling more of the Moore in her than the Cyrus—almost as if the two had coordinated outfits before heading out on the town, no?

We know Dem loves those young'uns, so we wouldn't be surprised the slightest bit if she's teaching Miles her feisty ways (the ultimate B-day present if you ask us) and maybe even some ageless body-toning tips!  

Not that Miley needs them, ab-viously! Wonder if it's the chain-smoking that's doing the trick?

Whatever it is, Miley, Demi & Co. looked ultra-fab alongside other famous partygoers including: Ke$ha, Kelly Osbourne, Ashton Kutcher and even John Mayer.

Don't even get us started on Mayer's RSVP. It screams "I found my next teeny-bopper, and it ain't you T. Swift."

At least Miles has Demi and her badass bitchface to back her up.

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