Charlie Sheen's Former Party Girl Now Accusing Him of Harassment

Woman who witnessed actor's hotel freakout has filed a criminal complaint with the NYPD

By Natalie Finn Nov 23, 2010 12:15 AMTags
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Capri Anderson has gone public with a vengeance.

After a few weeks of lying low, the woman who witnessed Charlie Sheen's hotel meltdown last month hit up Good Morning America Monday and promptly took a meeting with the NYPD to file a criminal complaint against the Two and a Half Men star, E! News confirms.

"A report was taken alleging harassment in the second degree," says NYPD spokesman Lt. John Grimpel. "The incident is currently under investigation."

A copy of the complaint will not be forthcoming, Grimpel says, but Anderson has already provided a general idea of how the whole thing reads.

Among other things, she alleged on the air this morning that she accompanied an intoxicated Sheen back to his Plaza suite following a dinner party, after which he snorted "something," put his hands around her neck, threw a lamp at her and then yelled threats when she locked herself in the bathroom.

Sheen has said that a luxury watch went missing that night, but Anderson maintains she had nothing to do with that, and the missing timepiece did not come up during her conversation with the cops today.

And the sometimes-porn actress doesn't just want Sheen to pay for his alleged misbehavior with his time and freedom.

Anderson vowed today on GMA that she will be suing the sitcom star for damages in L.A. Superior Court, claiming abuse, assault and false imprisonment.

She said that Sheen called her up the next day to apologize and offer money in exchange for her silence...but apparently he hasn't apologized enough yet.

Sheen's rep, Stan Rosenfield, questioned why Anderson never told the police her story on the night in question, and then posted on her pay-to-peek website that that she was "fine."

"If she pursues legal action, we will defend this vigorously," Rosenfield said. "These allegations against Mr. Sheen are completely false, and are an blatant attempt to cash in on his celebrity."

At the time, the NYPD said it would not be pursuing charges against Sheen for his behavior or any damage done to the hotel room. Not long afterward, an Aspen judge ruled he had successfully completed his probation for assaulting wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas Day.