In this skit from last night's SNL, we learn three things:

1. If Miley Cyrus had her own talk show, it'd be pretty cool y'all.

2. She's sexy now.

and 3...

Anne Hathaway and Katie Holmes are the same person!

Okay, obviously that's not true.

But Hathaway did an amazing job exaggerating Holmes' mannerisms and behavior on last night's sketch (see video above).

As Cyrus, (Vanessa Bayer) took on the role of being a "pretty little Regis" and asking those hard-hitting questions like how Holmes transitioned into more adult roles after doing Dawson's Creek in the 1900s, Hathaway answered in true Katie fashion...

With breathy-tones, constant hair-touching and her mouth skewed to one side, all while providing very poised responses.

So check out her impersonation in the clip above and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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