Should Robsten Ditch the Cigs to Up Their Sex Appeal?

We don't think cigs are doing those smoking-hot bodies any good

By Ted Casablanca Nov 19, 2010 9:52 PMTags
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With everyone—us included—getting hot and bothered over Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's delish beach bods, we cannot stop fantasizing about how sexy the duo would look with one minor Team Truth tweak!

Shocker! Robsten aren't perfect, and we're pretty damn picky.

We know you Twi-hards got your butt-crack-lovin' panties in a bunch when you thought we were semi dissing Rob's nonexistent six-pack, so we've got a few words for K.Stew too...

Kick that cig crap! Both of you!

We'll agree their bodies may be smokin' hot, but don't you think Rob and Kris would be way sexier cancer-stick free?

Maybe R.Pattz should grab his girl and cover that hot bod of hers in nicotine patches. And vice versa!

Not your typical tantalizing Robsten fantasy, huh?

We just think that whole sexy-smoker thing is so New Moon. We much prefer our fave couple getting their PDA on between takes, rather than sneaking away for some wacko tobacco. We'd hate to think those secret smooches smell like an ash tray. Yuck!

Believe you me, babes, there's no better feeling than ditching that pack of smokes for a sexy six pack. And if you don't take us as experts, just ask six-packers Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz! Don't see those healthy hotties clenching the ciggies on set like Robsten, do you? Going smoke-free could be Rob's first step toward becoming People's Sexiest Man Alive 2011!

Sure this may not be the couple's only Vice (far from it, duh), but it's one they can for sure kick! If I can do it, Edward Cullen can too! Don't you think?


Awful's Smoking Like a Chimney Poll:

Do you think Robsten would be sexier cig-free?
Yes! That vampire breath would be hotter sans smoke.
No. I love them for who they are—cigs or no cigs!
Shut up, Ted! Not everybody has to quit smoking because you did.