There's no one better than our own Ryan Seacrest at bringing former rivals together to make nice, which is just what he did this morning when his back-to-back interviews with Christina Aguilera and Pink had some oh-so-entertaining cross-talk.

After a slightly awkward offer of niceties, the two stars settled into a discussion on motherhood, a topic that seemingly would bring about nothing but the most pleasant of exchanges, right?

Well, kind of.

"Congratulations, I just heard," Christina told Pink of her pregnancy announcement. "I heard the amazing news. I'm so happy for you."

Aguilera was even happier to hear that Pink isn't experiencing any of the dreaded side effects of her ecstatic state.(Morning sickness clearly knows better than to mess with the pop star...not that that's such a good thing in her eyes.)

"No, unfortunately I feel like if I had morning sickness, I would've lost some weight," she joked. "I've kept everything down."

And then the ribbing began.

"The doctor thinks it might be a girl, which is terrifying. I know me, and I know how I was, and I don't want to do that," Pink explained.

"She's gonna kick your ass," Christina noted, at which point our fearless Seacrest decided to wade back in to the all-fun banter.

"You two are the most fun moms in the world."

"We have to have play dates," Aguilera suggested

"Hahaha, yeah," Pink responded, albeit not as genuinely as Aguilera might have hoped.

"Pink's like, 'hahaha no,' " she said, leading Pink to explain her hesitation by saying she didn't want their kids' jungle gym tussles to turn into their tussles.

"What if you're kid punches my kid, then what happens?"

Nothing we'd want to be a part of.

Pink's interview eventually turned solo, but the baby talk continued on.

"The press kind of beat us to it. We wanted to be the first to tell our parents," she said of her leaked baby news, albeit noting that it was her drummer, not Jillian Reynolds, who really blew the whistle on the whole thing.

As for her hubby and soon-to-be baby daddy, Carey Hart, Pink said that she always knew he'd be the father of her children...mostly because he informed her of that fact quite early on in their relationship.

"Two weeks after I met him," she said. "He actually told me that. We were sitting at—where were we?—Macaroni Grill. We were going super romantic. He was like, 'So, want to have kids?'

"Yesterday we just celebrated our nine-year anniversary. I went to rehearsals and he went to ride his motorcycle."

And that, kids, is apparently the secret to a good marriage.

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