Sister Wives


Just when you thought Sister Wives had revealed all it possibly could about one man's saga of marriage to four women, we now get an extra burst of fun from polygamy land by way of this Sunday's honeymoon special.

In case you missed it, last season extreme husband Kody Brown decied to add to his trifecta, taking on foxy mother of three Robyn as wife No. 4.

Now we get a sneak peek of their extended honeymoon action, frolicking on the beach far away from the other three sister wives. Very far away.



"He thought," says one of the wives back at home holding down the fort, "Oh, this is gonna be really great to have this long period of time away with just Robyn, doing the relationship thing. But I think he's realizing he's got 19 people at home that he's missing."

Oh yeah, that's what he's realizing. Just look at him. Can't wait to get back.

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