How has Ashlee Simpson-wentz been doing since hearing she'll be gaining a brother-in-law?

"Everything is so exciting!" Jessica Simpson's younger sister exclusively told E! News Tuesday when asked how she felt about big sis getting engaged to NFL alum Eric Johnson.

Well, that sounds about right.

Simpson-Wentz, who's been an old married lady for two-and-a-half years now, was also overheard gushing about son Bronx at the launch in Hollywood, telling a fellow guest, "He's getting so big!"

He sure is. Mom and dad Pete Wentz are already planning his second birthday party!

"It's going to be amazing," Ashlee told E! of the fiesta planned for this weekend at her parents' home in Encino.

"Exciting." "Amazing." Sounds like things are pretty grand in Simpson Land these days.

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