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Dear Ted:
First and foremost I want to say I agree with you on how amazing Kristen Stewart is. It's nice to see a nonbimbo in Hollywood and watch interviews that don't have prepackaged, polite answers! Now for my question not relating to her at all. I have had a crush on James Franco since the Freaks and Geeks days. Is his B.V. something that would totally turn me off? I have two rescued kitties, Sam and Kush, who are very curious! Thank you handsome!

Dear Being Franc:
It depends what gets you all hot and bothered and what totally does not, Kell. If you like Freaks and Geeks—with mucho emphasis on the freaky—then it might not be a turn off at all. K.Stew-lovin' kisses to your kittens!

Dear Ted:
Just read your article about "the key incident" involving Mark Salling and Naya Rivera. Do you think the cast took sides?

Dear Locked Lips:
I know the cast took sides. Though it might not be so obvious whom the cast prefers.

Dear Ted:
Why is Angelina Jolie's "directing debut" even news worthy? How many freaking directors do we have in Hollywood already? Plus, I've never seen a director that is OK with papz taking pics of their every move. We never see pictures of big time directors like James Cameron, Clint Eastwood etc. all over the news when "directing." Jolie isn't the first actor-turned-director and won't be the last. And how unprofessional is it for your significant other to be slobbering over you while at work? I guess we regular folks never get it.

Dear Actor Factor:
Ange is an A-list actress, so anything she does is going to make headlines, which includes getting her sometimes-gorgeous mug behind the camera. But really the sadder thing is that it's still big news when a woman is calling the shots on set. So lame, don't you think? Glad babes like Angie and all the other director darlings are changing that and fast.

Dear Ted:
Since you and everyone else has been reporting that Bella's wedding dress is hideous, do you think Summit/Condon/whomever else is going to rethink the dress and pick something more appropriate when they finally film the wedding sequence? Sure hope so. Stephenie Meyer is hopeless when it comes to anything aesthetic. Remember the engagement ring from Eclipse? Horrifying!

Dear Here Comes the Bridezilla:
I'm sure they wish they could swap out the fug frock for something chicer, but they're kind of stuck between a rock and a Stephenie Meyer. Expect Bella to don the nonfab, non -Zac Posen wedding dress when she hits the big-screen altar.

Dear Ted:
I saw where you said Sam Worthington and Jennifer Aniston wouldn't make a good couple. I'm sorry but I beg to differ. I think they would be hot together. He is more of the rough-cut handsome dude as opposed to the pretty-boy nonsense she's previously dated. Plus, he is far from a D-bag and could actually be the legit guy for her. How do you not see these two together?
—The Preferred

Dear Worthington Redux:
Uh, 'cause you're description of Mr. Worthington—as sexy as he may be, trust you've totally got his droolworthiness down—isn't quite up to snuff.

Dear Ted:
Should we be concerned that Jessica Simpson has a K-Fed Jr. on her hands? That fiancé of hers seems a bit slimy.

Dear Baby One More Time:
Not too concerned. Jessica damn sure isn't.

Dear Ted:
I love all of your Harry Potter-Twilight comparisons and competitions! I have to say, although I enjoy the offscreen Twilight drama much more than Potter (is there ever any offscreen drama for H.P.?) I think the wizard movies are much better. That said, who do you think will have longer careers: the young cast of Twilight or Harry Potter?

Dear Pott and Kettle:
Hard to say. The Twi kids (Kris, Rob, Anna, etc.) have definitely started to make serious names for themselves outside of their big-bucks franchise, but the Potter kids have taken on some legit projects too. Both groups have the acting chops to stay in the Biz; it'll be for time to tell who makes it and who fades away.

Dear Ted:
There seems to be a lot of interest in Kristen Stewart appearing nude in Breaking Dawn, but what about Taylor Lautner. There's a pivotal scene in the book where Jacob takes of his clothes and transforms into his wolf self in front of Bella's father Charlie. Shouldn't that be in the film, too?

Dear Dawn and Out:
Tay's abs are so two movies ago. I'd be more surprised if he actually kept his shirt on for one friggin' flick—whereas even in a movie where Kris played a stripped she kept herself pretty clothed.

Dear Ted:
Lachey gets engaged, and then Jessica Simpson...Dean Sheremet engaged after LeAnn Rimes? Are these sorta like the Megan Fox-Vanessa Marcil drama and one-ups?

Dear Ex-Post Eff ‘Em:
A little less drama for Nick and Jess (shocker!), but the belle of the homewrecking ball and her ex definitely have some bad blood between them. Neither wants the other to look like they're moving on better post split, trust.

Dear Ted:
I am so sick of Twilight madness. What I want to hear about is the hot show on TV right now: Dexter. You say Michael C. Hall has been a Blind Vice. Can you give hints to which one? Does it have to do with his is-she or isn't-she new wife, Jennifer Carpenter? Also please stop publishing letters from that crazy Diane. She gives me and my three dogs the creeps.

Dear Killer Instinct:
Nope, MCH's wifey-poo is not a Vice costar. And what don't you like about our fab, uh, friend Dianes45?

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