Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson


She's got a big ruby ring. He's got big dreams.

After Jessica Simpson and her ex-NFLer beau Eric Johnson got engaged this weekend, speculation turned to the singer's future husband and what the heck he does all day—especially after rumors spread that she may have bought that ring herself.

We know Johnson graduated from Yale and that he skipped out on the prestigious Wharton business school in favor of following her around supporting his bride-to-be.

So how does he plan on providing for his lady? Not that she needs it, but it'd be nice if he had a job...

A source tells us the business-minded man's always cooking up plans for start-ups and that Jess has his back in whatever venture he decides to take on.

"His new one is a plan to start a fast-food vegan restaurant in L.A. and eventually expand them across the country," says a pal of the couple. "Jessica's supportive of everything he wants to do, so she's into it."

Guess that means no more Chicken of the Sea photo ops for her.

He's bouncing around some other food-related ideas, maybe a non-fast food restaurant, but nothing has come to fruition yet.

And while Jess' family is a tad concerned about her fiancé's current jobless situation, they're not that upset.

"They are a little worried because he has nothing going on, but he really loves her for her," the source tells us. "They are happy and feel that she's in a good place."

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