Which Twilight Star Gets Naked in a New Movie?

Oh, my! Find out who's stripping down and showing butt on the big screen

By Marc Malkin Nov 17, 2010 12:35 AMTags
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Hotness alert!

We just saw a new movie and a certain Twilight star gets naked in the flick. So who are we drooling over talking about? Read on to find out…

Cam Gigandet! He played the sexy bad-boy vampire James in the first Twi-flick.

Well, now he costars as Christina Aguilera's love interest in Burlesque. The best part? He performs a comical striptease for Xtina that leaves him completely naked.

After we get a quick peek at his tush, the only thing getting in the way of a full monty shot was a strategically placed box of Famous Amos cookies.

Screen Gems

It wasn't hard getting Gigandet to strip down. "All they had to do was ask," he said at last night's Burlesque premiere at Hollywood's famed Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Gigandet said Famous Amos did not pay for the product placement. "We were actually just looking through my cupboard in my apartment on set and we were like, 'What could work?'" he explained. "Let's try this box of cereal, this box of Twinkies [before] we settled on a box of cookies."

Asked what it was like locking lips with Aguilera, Gigandet said, "It was a dream come true. I was a lucky guy."

It'll be even better if he lands an endorsement deal with Famous Amos.