Ali Lohan

Nancy Kaszerman/

Ali Lohan may be hooking up with a troll.

The E! reality star is director John Carl Buechler's top choice for a lead role in the big-budget remake of his 1986 camp classic, Troll.

Lindsay's little sister auditioned last week for the role of the young Eunice St. Clair, who helps Harry Potter Jr. (no relation whatsoever to J.K. Rowling's gazillion-dollar creation of the same name) fight the evil Torok the Troll.

"She was great," Buechler tells me. "The camera loves her. She's a really good actress...I am personally going to fight for her."

Buechler says the $25 million remake is being financed independently: "It's a retelling of the original story with some twists."

The original featured Sonny Bono, June Lockhart and marked the feature-film debut of Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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