If cheesy '80s dance numbers filled with Alan Thicke, beavers and totally radical double entendres aren't your thing, then avert your eyes, because Robin Sparkles is back!

We hit the How I Met Your Mother set for Monday's extra-funny episode, so check out our chat with Cobie Smulders above, then watch guest star Nicole Scherzinger talk about Sparkles' BFF, Jessica Glitter:

Expect some HIMYM naughtiness with Robin Sparkles' return. "It's pretty naughty," Cobie tells us. "Well here's the thing, we're an 8 p.m. show, so we've been dialed back a lot for the kids at home. But pretty naughty, it's definitely tongue in cheek."

"It's bad," Nicole laughs when asked about all the raunchy fun." But that didn't deter the star from taking the part.

"I'm a freaking ginormous fan of How I Met Your Mother," gushed Nicole, "and I had met the producers when I was doing Rent with Neil Patrick Harris. A lot of people from How I Met Your Mother came to see the show and were like, 'You're kind of funny in Rent' and the writers were awesome. They said, 'We have to get you on the show. We thought we discovered you, we didn't know that you were Nicole from those singing girls!' So, it's honor for me to be here in all my Jessica Glitter glory."

Don't miss Cobie, Nicole and more on How I Met Your Mother Monday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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