LeAnn Rimes

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Breaking News: LeAnn Rimes is still pissed.

After E! broke the story of her engagement to Eddie Cibrian (which reportedly ticked them off since they then couldn't blab the "exclusive" to celeb-hungry magazines), it's been very amusing around the office to predict how long these two unlawful love birds will hold off on making an announcement just to prove a point.

As Rimes spewed to reporters on the carpet last night at the CMA Awards, "Like, I'm standing on the truth!"

Say what, now?

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"That's what we should title the last two weeks."


"I'm not engaged," the mini-skirted blondie insisted. Hair in a bun and thighs shimmering, she was determined to continue her diatribe:

"And then saying that we're trying to sell the story? No one buys interviews anyway," LeAnn bitched about E! on the carpet.

No one buys interviews? Now this girl has to be joking. Or smoking something funny.

"I mean, I say it and people [still] believe that we are [engaged], but how long are we going to wait before we tell someone? It's just complete insanity."

Not exactly, dear.

That sit-down with Eddie's ex-wife Brandi Glanville which was going to happen this week wasn't just for fun. It was obviously to discuss how to stop being (naturally) bitter and work things out since E. and L. were taking the next step.

"It's ridiculous," continued LeAnn.

"It's hysterical," LeAnn still continued.

"I have friends and my mom calling me and I'm like I've had it. My friends and my parents think that everyone knows before they do and that is just not the way that it should be."

On that, LeAnn-love, we can agree.

So quit blabbing stupid things to magazines and red-carpet reporters and maybe your wish will come true!

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