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Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is not going to like this. See, we've been talking to The Big Bang Theory lead's girl-pause-friend Amy (Mayim Bialik), and she confided that once upon a time she shared a little lip-on-lip action with Sheldon's best friend Leonard (Johnny Galecki, a k a Kaley Cuoco's surprise ex). Scandal! So where and when did the two nerds hook up?

Mayim tells us, "Johnny Galecki was on Blossom when we were kids. I think I was his first onstage kiss! We had the same agent when we were kids so that relationship is fun—that feels really comfortable."

Earmuffs, Sheldon!

Still, Mayim is loving her time on the show (she's in tonight's episode). "It's a really neat set, Simon, Kunal and Kaley are really terrific, too, and I enjoy being there. It's definitely humbling to be in a group of people who know each other really well and work well together and, like, knocking and saying, 'Hi, can I come in?' "

If you ask us, Mayim's Amy should not only come in, she should sit down on Sheldon's sofa and stay awhile! We asked Mayim if she'd be interested in working on the show full-time, what with being a mother of two, a home-school teacher and the author of a forthcoming humorous book about attachment parenting, as explained from the perspective of a neuroscience Ph.D. (If she wasn't so cool, we'd hate her.) Even with all that on her plate, she tells us, "Yes! From a personal, selfish standpoint, I'd like to work every week. I think they'd like people to keep guessing what's going to happen with this character, but I think there are still plenty of plots that they want to spread out throughout the season." 

One of those plots will be Amy getting to know Kaley Cuoco's Penny a little better. Mayim says, "We just filmed an episode where Amy and Penny are forced to be together for some time, and it's funny. Hijinks ensue. What people have said is that Kaley and I are very good with each other—we don't compete, character-wise or physically. And there's a real healthy kind of animosity—I think Penny has a similar disdain for Amy that she does for Sheldon." (Indeed.)

Speaking of Sheldon, don't expect love to change him, at least not anytime soon.

Translation: There will be no schmoopy stuff, so all you die-hard fans can take a deep breath.

According to Mayim, "I think what's special about Sheldon and Amy's relationship is both people in this relationship get to really be themselves. We all like to think that when we're in a relationship, we bend, but with these two characters it's not really in their personalities to give at all. But it's still working! And I think that's what's sweet about it. I think we saw a hint that there is no room for much more in their relationship at this point. But I could be wrong!"

We love you, Ms. Mayim! Keep up the great work. (BTW, if you're looking for a great read about parenting and life in general, Mayim Bialik has a weekly blog over at

Do you think Mayim's Amy would be a good full-time addition to The Big Bang Theory cast, or would you prefer they stick with the original Rebel Alliance?

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