Tyra Banks

Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

Without Tyra, most of us would never witness the drive, perserverance and fortitude it takes to become a top model. Nor would we witness the pain, humiliation and degredation it takes to entertain America while you're being sold a bill of goods about becoming a top model.

But, mighty spirit that she is, Tyra can't do it all by herself. Luckily, Jay Manuel is on hand to lend his unique comments during a shoot that finds hopeful Jane decked out as a statue.

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"So," asks Jay, "you're in a relationship, right?"

And you're brimming with self-confidence, right? And you're a teenager which means your self-esteem is incredibly strong, right? And you feel perfectly at ease embarking on a career where you'll be judged solely on the way you look, despite being wildly insecure?

No on all that, too? Well, it shows.

Anyway, love ya.

Mean it.

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