Kim Kardashian

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The ubiquitous Kim Kardashian will appear in tonight's Apprentice to help Team Octane sell perfume. Which is strange, because everyone knows Kourtney is the best smelling one. Anyway, here's Clint explaining to Kim how they'd like to use her, and insulting her in the process.


"Forgive me for saying this to you in person, but you're voluptuous...We wanna catch the consumer who doesn't even know they want or need perfume. We lure 'em in, kinda like a bug light..."

...And then, just like a bug light, you kill them. Not literally of course, but spiritually. 'Cause once they realize they've been drawn into a store and convinced to buy something by a woman who's pretty much only famous for having a nice ass and a sex tape, their spirit will surely die.

Anyway, big fan.

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