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Happy holidays, Gleeks! You've already heard us rave about the Glee cast's Christmas album, and we know you're ready to buy the whole song collection when it becomes available Nov. 16, but that's not all you need for a complete Glee fan holiday experience!

You also must check out the Glee cast Christmas card, which we have exclusively, right here on E! Online...

Glee Christmas Album, Christmas Card

Sony Music

This Christmas card, which features the cast in embarrassing holiday sweaters (destination: horror!), promotes the cast's Christmas album, which hits stores Nov. 16.

In the meantime, to hear the full versions of all of the songs from the Glee Christmas episode, point your browser to MySpace's Glee Music page, because that's where they're streaming the album live. And to add GLEE: The Music, The Christmas Album to your holiday music collection, hit this link for preorder sales!

The Glee Christmas episode airs Dec. 7 on Fox.

Which Glee Christmas track are you most excited to hear in full? Does your family gather round every year for geeky holiday portraits? Hit the comments!

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