Reviews were mixed, but the good news is, no one fainted during the premiere of Conan last night.

Or so claimed some of the viewers when asked their reaction to Conan O'Brien's TBS debut.

Actually...some of those reaction clips that aired on Tuesday's show looked suspiciously like responses to 127 Hours, which includes a graphic depiction of James Franco amputating his own arm that caused a few people to pass out at preview screenings.

Huh, so maybe people passed out during Conan after all...

"You know what's great now?" O'Brien said tonight. "Now that we're on the air, TBS can finally stop running promos for our show. Unfortunately, that leaves an 18-hour hole in their schedule."

That may sound like O'Brien is already taking swings at his new network, but really it was just an extension of last night's running joke in which he pokes fun at his new, relatively modest basic-cable surroundings.

Another bit tonight showed the transformation of his studio as it was readied for O'Brien's arrival: A guy came along and hung a sign that said Conan over a sign reading The Maury Povich Show.

Now that's "very funny" on a budget.

Conan's big guest tonight was Tom Hanks, the man single-handedly responsible for O'Brien's "Coco" moniker, based on a joke he made when he was the second guest on the unexpectedly short-lived Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien.

"So nine months from today, I'll be your second guest when you're on Univision," Hanks said.

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