Andrew Garfield, Lindsay Lohan

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We're happy and all that Lindsay Lohan is doing well in rehab, but we're still concerned about that career of hers (as is Lohan herself).

While Lindsay's manager, Larry Rudolph, is holding off on putting any new projects on her plate, Inferno director Matthew Wilder (yup, that movie is still happening) tells E! News that he's fully confident in Lohan's capability to work right now and has recruited her consultation services in casting.

Any guesses as to who they're looking at?

Wilder tells E! News they are currently casting the male lead for the movie and he has sent Lohan a few movies to screen during her stint at Betty Ford to scope out potential costars.

"I gave Lindsay's assistant a bunch of movies she wanted," says Wilder. "They were for casting stuff. She doesn't want to be stuck with a guy she can't stand."

Wilder declined to name names for the role of Linda Lovelace's abusive porn-director boyfriend, Chuck Traynor, but hinted, saying they're looking at actors from the movies Social Network and Paranormal Activity 2.

That means some of the possible male leads could be Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg, or Andrew Garfield from Social Network and Micah Sloat or Brian Boland from PA 2.

All we can think is dear God don't let it be Andrew!

We highly doubt Robert Pattinson's Brit-pack bud would even consider the role after working with actresses like Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley; although, if Andrew did go for it, he could totally revive this flick.

Even J.T. considers himself above Lohan status, and there's no way Jesse's team would allow him to take that part either.

So hopefully that leaves a Paranormal dude, which we are fine with.

Are you? Or should Andrew Garfield attempt to save Lindsay Lohan's career?

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