Jason Kennedy, Jessica Lowndes, Joe Jonas, 90210

Lisa Rose/ THE CW

Wow, hard to believe that tonight is the big night, my acting debut on 90210!

I could hardly sleep last night, my mind was racing with all the possibilities once the world sees my acting talents. Thoughts like, should I quit hosting altogether and pursue this full time? My agent has been calling the folks at Glee, Modern Family and Antiques Roadshow, leaving long messages about how I would be an asset. They haven't called back, but I know deep down they're playing hard to get.

Anyhow, let's not take our focus away from 90210, I'm playing myself and have a scene with Jessica Lowndes, Michael Steger and a guy named Joe Jonas.

Joe was very respectful of my space on set; he never once looked me in the eye. There's even a chance my scene won't air on the show, which is great because they're saving the good stuff for the DVD Bonus Features! On a sad note, I got really bad food poisoning after eating at the Peach Pit. Oh well, can't win em all.

See you tonight on the CW!

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