Tron's Olivia Wilde Talks About Getting Turned On

Actress gives us the goods on the behind-the-scenes action of anticipated sci-fi sequel

By Marc Malkin Nov 09, 2010 3:14 PMTags
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Let the Tron sex toy jokes begin.

Why? We'll let Olivia Wilde do the talking…

Ms. Wilde costars as Quorra in the much-anticipated followup to the 1982 sci-fi flick.

"It's extraordinary to wear something that's a sculpture," she tells us of the movie's extremely cool costumes. "It is made of incredible rubber and neoprene. It has wires running throughout because it has lamps that actually light up with a battery pack on our backs.

"We could be turned on with a remote control from across the set," she beamed (natch). "We would be in the middle of this extraordinary giant set and they'd say, ‘Turn on the suits!' And suddenly you'd hear, ‘Bling!' and everyone would start glowing."

The flick opens Dec. 17.

As for how the new costumes compare to the original, Wilde laughed, "Ours are a little more intricate than theirs. I think they were wearing leotards and dance belts."