Jill Clayburgh, Lilly Rabe

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Broadway went dark for Lily Rabe, daughter of the late Jill Clayburgh, after Rabe decided to take time off from her role in A Merchant of Venice to mourn the loss of her mother.

Rabe canceled several of her performances in the Broadway show, and the opening day was postponed after her mother's death on Friday, People reports. 

Rabe's understudy will take her place until she's ready to come back to work.

Upon her return, Rabe will have the support of castmate Al Pacino, who had a five-year relationship with her mother.

The New York Times reports the show's new opening date will be confirmed next week.

UPDATE: Nov. 20, 2010: A publicist for the show says that Rabe returned a day after her mother's passing, and has been performing ever since.

The show's press opening was postponed because she missed several performances that week due to her mother's illness.  

The press opening was held on Nov. 13.

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