Kardashians Officially Open Dash in New York; Cops Called as Madness Ensues!

Girls open their new boutique in SoHo last night to rowdy crowds and frustrated cops

By Marianne Garvey Nov 04, 2010 5:19 PMTags

We all know the Kardashian sisters can stop traffic. But last night, they literally stopped traffic in New York with cars on Spring Street in SoHo at a standstill as crowds craned their necks to glimpse the hotties inside their new Dash store.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian Odom were all on hand at the boutique, dolled up and taping their new show, Kourtney and Kim Take New York. And they certainly debuted their new shop with a bang, with both crowd control and Kanye West showing up. 

And that was just the beginning...

The sisters arrived at the store earlier yesterday afternoon, using some elbow grease to make it perfect for the bash while taping the new series, set to air on E! in January. 

"They cleaned all day long," said one source.  "Kim spent two hours unpacking boxes, so did Kourtney. Khloé was cleanning dressing rooms out up until the party."

Meanwhile, Kourtney's baby daddy, Scott Disick, arrived later, chatting up everyone but the family after storming in and refusing  to giveinterviews. He whizzed past the growing crowd outside, which quickly got out of hand.

NYPD was called to the scene. Officers parked a patrol car, lights flashing, at the corner of Spring and Greene Streets, while they tried to subdue the wild crowd. There was a chaotic line, with people pushing and shoving and a barrier being knocked over at one point early in the evening. 

But the Kardashian fam were nothing but flattered by all the drama.

"It's really amazing we are new [to New York City] and we've gotten such an amazing warm welcome in this city and so it feels so good," Kim told E! News. "It's really crazy how many people have showed up. I wish we had a microphone to talk to them—and to come out and support us like this? We really are so thankful."

As for the other men in their lives, Lamar Odom was not in town (the Lakers had a game in Sacramento), but the sisters did talk about Kim's "hectic" dating life.

"It's like she has 40 boyfriends, and 30 boyfriends in 30 days since her birthday," joked Kourtney. 

Kim denied all the rumored boyfriends, saying "none of it" is true, but it did appear she kept her eye on Kanye, whom she's constantly being linked to these days.

Hmmm... still just friends? We spotted the two exchange some sly smiles and keep pretty close to each other for much of the night. We also overheard Kim gush to her sister Kourtney that he is a "musical genius." Just come clean aready, guys. 

In any case, it was a huge success as far as Kim is concerned.

"The event was absolutely a success," Kim told us today. "Madness everywhere. New York welcomed us in the biggest way! So many amazing fans came out to support us and we are so thankful!"

Either way, looks like the Kardashians are loving the New York, and now there's [police] proof the city's wild for them too.