Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

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The reality show must go on.

Despite filing for divorce from Charlie Sheen on Monday, Brooke Mueller still plans to film a reality show with Paris Hilton, set to air on Oxygen, regardless of Sheen's big concerns.

Anyone having Denise Richards déjà vu?

"They start filming in less than two weeks," a source close to Mueller tells E!. "Charlie is not happy that the show is happening because he probably thinks she will be bad-mouthing him, but that's not her style."

But Sheen can calm down, as the source assures: "The show won't be about Charlie at all, just about Brooke getting on with her life."

This preemptive nice-girl strike could be the only thing keeping them from having one helluva nasty public divorce like Charlie and Denise did. Those two went to war with each other, purposely in the media—kids and all.

We're hoping Brooke doesn't do the same thing, but like Richards (who remember, had a reality show on E! that featured their two girls), Mueller plans to show the twins on TV.

"Brooke's twins will occasionally be on the show, but they're so young they wouldn't know if they were on it or not," confirms an insider close to the situation.

This, we hear, is also upsetting to Charlie.

He'll still be shelling out child support, though. Apparently, Brooke will be getting $55,000 a month, the same that Denise gets.

Seriously, with everything that's coming out, did Charlie marry the exact same woman twice? It didn't go so well the first time around!

Or hell, maybe it's Brooke who should have seen the warning signs?

Either way, here's hoping this divorce goes much smoother. If not for us having to stop writing about these three, then for the kids at the very least.

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