Bret Michaels, Tish Cyrus

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UPDATE: Tish's camp has followed Brett's lead in flat-out denying anything other than a professional relationship between the duo.

"It's not true," her rep told E! News. "They had a working relationship."


As soon as Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus announced their divorce the rumors began, even as the duo, without naming names, attempted to make clear that there were no third parties involved in their marital demise.

Now Bret Michaels has gone one step further, naming himself and telling the world—which, let's be honest, probably won't listen—that he was most definitely not the thorn in the Cyrus' once rosy marriage.

"The reports of my client having an affair with Tish are unfounded and a complete fabrication," a rep for Michaels told E! News. "He has been a close friend of the family for some time and has worked with Miley. Tish, Miley and Bret have worked on several professional projects together over the last year and that is it."

That work, lest we forget, was a rendition of "Every Rose" that was released earlier this year, during the promotion of which both Michaels and Miley Cyrus used every opportunity to trumpet his closeness to the Cyrus clan.

"It's unfortunate that the sad breakup of Billy Ray and Tish has to be further tainted with these lies being reported," his rep went on.

Michaels worked with Miley on rerecording "Every Rose" and the tune "Nothing to Lose" on his current album, and they performed together on Good Morning America this past summer.

As for Miley, she's reportedly taken the high road (in other words, isn't taking sides) and has yet to publicly address her parents' divorce—though that'll probably change soon enough.

Though mama Tish is currently in Nashville, Miley has spent the past few days in a Los Angeles-area studio rehearsing for her upcoming European promotional tour, which kicks off in a few days' time. During which the singer will no doubt be peppered with questions steeped in the utmost sensitivity. Or, you know, not.

—Additional reporting by Ken Baker

(Originally published on Nov. 3, 2010 at 11:38 a.m. PT)

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