No, it's not all the recent controversy surrounding her appearance on Shape magazine's cover. Nor is it the fact that Eddie Cibrian's proposal last weekend wasn't exactly the real deal. (Yet!) Heck, we can't even simply chalk it up to all the relentless coverage of her and Eddie's headline-grabbing relationship.

So just what is it that gets LeAnn Rimes a wee bit weepy on ABC's In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville tonight?

It turns out it's when Roberts pulls up an excerpt from Rimes' book, What I Cannot Change, in which she writes about the personal challenges she faced when it came to early stardom.

"There would be days when I would wake up and not want to put on a show for anyone," Roberts reads. "When I didn't want to get dressed up and prettied up for the day and sing. I just wanted to be. That was the hardest part for me because it always seemed there was a show, and when I wasn't doing a show, I didn't know what to do with myself. Who was I without it?"

"Yeah, that was my life," Rimes tearfully tells Roberts. "I'm learning who I am without it and that's the coolest thing about my life right now, that I have all of these incredible things happening, and I have family and I'm learning who I am without it."

But, of course, this wouldn't be a timely interview if Roberts failed to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

When the discussion turns to her affair and eventual courtship with Cibrian, Rimes is quick to defend the circumstances surrounding it.

"It happens every day to so many people," she says. "You had two couples whose marriages didn't work who really stumbled upon each other and fell in love."

But Rimes realizes that some people will always have a hard time getting past the infidelity.

"Nothing I'm going to say is going to change it," she says. "I do know that, and I have accepted that…but I do know how much I love him. So I've always said I don't live my life with regret. I can't." 

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