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When will all these H'wood hotties learn that ditching the glam is the fastest way to Oscar gold? Or, ya know, at least focusing on talent instead of looking Photoshop-perfect in every frame. And in this town, the weighty issue is always, well, weight.

Too many fab gals have gone the route of thinning down to meet T-town standards, so it's nice to find talented babes who focus more on their work than shedding pounds. Take Michelle Williams:

"Not that many girls out there are shooting Vogue while gaining 15 pounds," Jamie Patricof, producer of M's latest flick, Blue Valentine, revealed at a recent screening of the controversial film.

The 15 JP is referring to is the weight Michelle put on a one-month break between shooting the flashback portion of the film and the present-day stuff. Her secret? Ice cream galore, of course!

And yes, Michelle shows it all off in the flick (in a totally non NC-17 fashion, mind you). No shame here!

Which is great since that (slightly) curvier figure is getting plastered all over Vogue covers—she shot the spread one week after the film wrapped. Isn't it lame that this is considered brave in Hollywood these days? It's like when straight actors are "so courageous" for playing a gay role.

But nevertheless, it does remain brave for T-town, so kuddos to Michelle!

Very Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys, we say, ditching "perfect" and "pretty" for real. But that's what's going to separate these two Young Hollywooders from the buxom superhero babes or mildly funny girlfriends.

Oscar voters, you're looking at your future nominees!

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