Charlie Sheen's Probation Comes to an End (Before He or Capri Can Sabotage It)

Actor safe from further prosecution in Colorado after his probation for his Christmas Day rampage is over

By Josh Grossberg, Claudia Rosenbaum Nov 02, 2010 11:35 PMTags
 Charlie SheenRiccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

This ex-Major League­r is home free.

Charlie Sheen's three-month unsupervised probation for assault against his soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller officially came to an end today at 5 p.m. Mountain Time, E! News can confirm.

That means a certain porn star must have stayed out of it...

According to Arnold Mordkin, the chief deputy district attorney in Aspen, Colo., no witnesses popped up to provide evidence that the 45-year-old actor failed to comply with the conditions of his probation—i.e., "no use of alcohol in excess or drugs."

"As far as I know, no one has come to me," Mordkin told E! News. "We have not filed any violation charges."

Speculation arose that the Two and a Half Men star may have violated his probation after he was allegedly found drunk and naked in his suite at The Plaza Hotel last Monday by NYPD officers responding to a call of an "emotionally disturbed individual."

Sheen's so-called date for the evening, Christina Walsh (aka, Capri Anderson), reportedly locked herself in the bathroom during his freakout and claimed to have feared for her life (although Sheen was not charged with any crime).

Various tabloid reports suggested that Walsh was considering flying to Aspen to meet with prosecutors overseeing Sheen's domestic violence case, however she failed to do so. And because no criminal complaint was ever filed in New York over the incident, Mordkin and his team were not interested in "looking for trouble," as he put it.

Earlier today, Sheen returned to the set of his hit CBS sitcom for the first time since his Manhattan hijinks.

There was plenty to celebrate on the set. Aside from Sheen's emerging legally unscathed from last week's scandal, his trouble-making didn't have any significant effect on the show's ratings. for Two and a Half Men was the second-most-watched program on television last night, behind Dancing With the Stars, and even beating the final game of the World Series.

Guess you could say a potential strikeout wound up being a homerun for good-time Charlie.

VIDEO: Sheen texts E! News