Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Ashley Greene

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"Tonight. Was. Incredible."

Just one of Ashley Greene's tweets (along with a backstage twit pic) last night after watching boyfriend Joe Jonas perform in Ecuador. News also broke last night that Demi Lovato had checked herself into a treatment center for issues reportedly ranging from cutting to bulimia.

Heart the babe, but if we had to guess, we doubt A.G. felt too bad about, since over the weekend Lovato had a meltdown, hurling threats toward Joe's new GF:

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During an airport scuffle in Peru, when Demi allegedly struck a back-up dancer, she turned her anger toward Ashley, who had just arrived in South America for a brief visit with Joe before Breaking Dawn filming starts this week.

We haven't gotten specifics of the "verbal threats" Lovato made against Greene, but we're told Joe came right to Ashley's rescue (as if the feisty babe needed it tho).

We hear "Demi Drama" (as she was known on tour) never got over the split with Joe and was hurt by how fast he moved on with the Twilight star. But in Greene's defense, it's not like Joe left Demi for her.

We wish Lovato a speedy recovery. It takes guts to realize when you need to help yourself. Better now than ignoring the problem and ending up like Lindsay Lohan, no?

Hopefully she'll be able to realize...All this over a Jonas? Hon, we can think of much better men who are suited for ya.

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