Fergie, Glamour Cover


With a music career, a clothing line, acting roles and charity work to juggle, who has time for babies?

Fergie does.

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The Black Eyed Peas singer, who poses pantsless in a Dsquared2 blazer on the cover of Glamour's December issue, tells the fashion mag that having kids is definitely on her mind.

"They are on my list of goals, yes," she says.

But that's as much as she'll divulge. When pressed about how soon that'll happen, Fergs replies, "Well, a girl's gotta keep something private."

Sounds like her marriage to Josh Duhamel is pretty solid after strippergate blew up less than a year after the pair said "I do."

The "Big Girls Don't Cry" singer says she got through it "just by knowing that our relationship was stronger than that. We live in a voyeuristic world, and it's part of our business. But I like to [focus on] all the perks that I get in this business."

And even though the ladies flock to her husband, Fergie isn't bothered by it. "I'm not a jealous person. You have to have trust in your relationship."

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