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With all this buzz over The Hangover 2—especially after Mel Gibson got the boot for Liam Neeson in what was supposed to be his comeback cameo—we can't wait to see what those comic geniuses have come up with next.

Too bad director Todd Phillips is zipping his lip on any specific round-two drunken details.

But no fear you hung-up hooligans! We've sneaked a peak at some of this screenplay's snippets:

The all-dude excursion is raking up air miles this time, as the boys jet off to Thailand for a repeat bachelor party, sure to be full of black-outs, wolf-pack toasts, and maybe a Mike Tyson tiger bite?

It all sounds, so...globally exotic!

"But it won't be anything like that horrible Abu Dhabi trip in the Sex and the City sequel," our Hangover 2 source assured us. "This will be funny."


Our Hangover sources also tell us the plot and most of the cast—heavyweight champ and angry nudie Asian man Ken Jeong included—will be extremely similar, if not semi-identical to the original.

But there is one clutch-role change.

"It's exactly the same," we're told, except that this time, the pre-wedding struggles are in honor of nice guy dentist Stu (Ed Helms) tying the knot with some chick the director won't spill about.

Well, we're just keeping our fingers crossed that the high class hooker this toothless dentist fell for at Ceasar's Palace last time, played by Heather Graham will be making a surprise appearance, 'tho Marc Malkin has reported it's not gonna happen. Major bummer!

Far more breathless, though, was the major objection most Hangover 2 cast members had over Phillips' casting of Gibson to play a Bangkok tattoo artist.

And very few on the sequel are P.O.-ed about Mel getting axed—especially not funnyman Zach Galifianakis, who's rumored to have instigated the firing of the loco actor. This was a stealth move his Due Date costar, Robert Downey Jr. wasn't too happy about.

With or without the usual Mel-o-drama, we'll be watching the Schindler's List star Liam Neeson tatt one of the bros. Can't say it'll be as must-see inking as it would be with a media freak like Gibson doing it, but I suppose one must retain morals at one time or another—even if it is Hollywood.

A scene we're hoping does actually make the cut is one we hear involves one of the groomsman hooking up with a babe-alicious hooker who's actually a dude. We're guessing Zach's character, Allen, will be doing one for the team, and making the hooker's sex slip-up hysterically awk?

Hey, happens all the time in real life, right?

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