Don Draper's got a way with the ladies and some snazzy ad campaigns. It's only natural that Mad Men's Jon Hamm would pick up some pointers along the way.

So what a Halloween treat it was to watch the charmer flex his hosting (and advertising) muscles on Saturday Night Live, delivering the funny, and a slew of slogans we just can't shake.

Taking cues from an SNL castmember-planted audience, Hamm came up with a brilliant new campaign for diapers. (Pampers, are you listening?)

"Diapers got your back. No, diapers got your butt...Don't worry li'l homie, we got your butt. Diapers."

Genius, right?  How 'bout this gem? In response to Kenan Thompson's fridge request, Hamm hammed it up: "Refrigerators, that's easy. A box of winter for your food to live in, c'mon!"

Rihanna was also on hand to provide the night's soundtrack, and popped up in her second Digital Short opposite Andy Samberg as Shy Ronnie. This time the two were rapping and robbing banks, and RiRi made off with the loot—and sexy bank teller Jon Hamm.

Not a bad score for either SNL guest, right?

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