Gilles Marini

Dimitrios Kambouris/

Gilles Marini is finally back in Los Angeles.

The Brothers & Sisters star's flight from New York was delayed earlier today. The plane was ready for takeoff, but then…

Law enforcement officers quietly walked onto the plane and quickly hauled off two male passengers and some luggage.

Marini said he saw the two were driven away in police cars.

"It was so intense," Marini just texted me. "They were not joking at all. Police came up pretty silent and removed the guys. Next to me there was an Air Marshall. Everything was so bizarre and scary."

No word on why the men were hauled away, but the former Dancing With the Stars contestant said, "Some people were pretty freaked out, especially one woman that was crying."

Marini had been in New York shooting a guest spot on Royal Pains, the USA network series about a doctor practicing in the ritzy-rich Hamptons.

Just yesterday, explosives contained in packages addressed to Chicago-area synagogues were found and removed from airplanes in England and the United Arab Emirates. Officials have reportedly traced the explosives back to suspects connected to Al Qaeda. One woman in Yemen has already been arrested.

According to reports, extra security appeared to be in place at New York City-area airports. "Everything was done with class and very effective," Marini said of his experience. "I'm glad we have amazing national security."

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