Blue Valentine's NC-17 Rating Leaves Producer "Dumbfounded"

Scoop on Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams newest flick

By Ted Casablanca Oct 31, 2010 1:55 PMTags
Blue Valentine, Ryan Gosling, Michelle WilliamsDavi Russo

While you may think it's particularly delish that Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are starring in an X-rated NC-17 movie, certain folks behind the scenes aren't so pleased.

"I just don't understand them," producer Jamie Patricof 'fessed at a recent screening of the Indie flick when we asked about the MPAA dooming his pic with the "adults only" rating. And the worst part (according to J.P.) is that the nit-picking group doesn't provide much explanation for its rulings.

Obviously, the peeps behind Blue Valentine plan to appeal the verdict, but it won't be easy...

Because here's an especially dumb little rule: Filmmakers can't reference ratings the MPAA has given to other flicks while arguing why theirs deserves (at least) an R rating. But if he could, Jamie has a handful of films that he'd mention:

"I've seen a lot of movies. I just saw Jackass and I was dumbfounded—you see a lot of fully frontal male nudity. I'm sitting there thinking, ‘Do I want my 15-year-old daughter seeing this?' Probably not. Do I want her to see [Blue Valentine]? It's probably not my first choice, but I don't think it would harm her."

Oh and just FYI, nudity isn't the reason Valentine was dubbed unsuitable for minors. Sure, you see some skin from both stars—nice ass, Mr. Gosling!—but no more than any other R-rated show. It's the dramatic elements about sex that are considered taboo, which we think is plain dumb. Like, how dare this married couple argue during nooky! Horrors!

Jamie continues: "I want to talk to them and say, 'Really, The Lovely Bones? Raping and killing 13 year olds is cool?' "

(For the record, Bones scored a PG-13 rating.)

The big problem with being labeled NC-17 is that the movie—which pits the two T-town talents against each other as a middleclass couple struggling to keep their marriage together—won't be shown in as many theaters or advertised by the same media outlets were it to grab a Restricted.

If it comes down to it though, we don't think Jamie will have a problem realizing when life hands you an NC-17 rating, make supersexy lemonade! Especially since he told us he loved how Gossip Girl ads used their negative press in their favor. Yeah, we did, too!

There is one thing that is clear though: "We have no intention of changing the film," Jamie said matter-of-factly.

And they shouldn't—it's absolutely brilliant the way it is. Dark, riveting, hot stuff. Just what a controversial movie should be. Have the Oscars ever had an NC-17 Best Picture winner?